Hate Studies

Policy Research Center

The Encyclopedia of Hate: A Global Study of Social Enmity

Commissioned by ABC-CLIO and forthcoming in 2019, The Encylopedia of Hate is a unique resource for understanding and addressing one of the most vexing and vital concerns for humanity worldwide - social enmity.  Contributions from researchers, scholars, educators, policymakers, practitioners, and field experts provide North American and international scope and make The Encyclopedia of Hate an indispensable interdisciplinary guide. 

Call for Contributors

Co-editors Dr. John Shuford and Dr. Rebecca Barrett-Fox seek subject/topic entries in these areas:  understanding what hate is, how hate arises and manifests, experiences of hatred in context, and how to address hate appropriately and effectively. Contributions are sought from researchers and scholars (in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and professional fields), educators, policymakers, practitioners, and field experts.  Contact to discuss project needs and sample subjects/topics.